I haven’t posted in a while, because I don’t feel that I could add anything to the unadulterated stew of rage that is the Internet. Inauguration Day was markedly less violent then I had feared, which was encouraging. There are things I’m happy about and things I’m unhappy about with this new administration.

As a grunt, all I can say is drive on. No President was ever my savior, and no President was ever my doom. One of the things we learn early on in the military is that the NCOs make the unit – the officers, our senior leadership, comes and goes. So also will this administration.

For good or ill, President Trump will not carry authority forever. So keep training. Keep on your diet, keep going to work, keep loving your kids and keep focused on your task. Drive on, make the best of what we have, and don’t get caught up in the panic. Nothing lasts forever – so instead of getting comfortable where we are, or despairing about where we are, don’t demand that the world conform to your perception of how it should be. Instead, train yourself to be adaptable to whatever comes next.

Stay frosty, know your exits, and drink water. Timaeus out!