This is your weekly news briefing for 09 – 15 MAR 2017.




Study: Vaccines effective against pandemic flu.


UN: Famine in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen constitute the greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945.






2 arrested in attack plot on Mall in Essen, Germany


Officials: ISIS has prioritized Germany as a target


2 shot to death in Stockholm, Sweden


Measles outbreak in Romania threatens region


17 unvaccinated children die from measles in Romania





Analysis: N. Korea’s nuclear arsenal is a clear and present danger


US deploys attack drones to S. Korea


S. Korean court unanimously impeaches President Park over graft scandal


Chinese military expands, US strategy remains undeveloped


China resumes work on disputed island in South China Sea


Malaysian police arrest 7 ISIS members


20,000 refugees flee to China from Myanmar during ethnic cleansing





13 dead in drug-related violence in Mexico


Veracruz: 250 skulls found in mass grave


Brazil stunned by brutal murder of transgender woman


Brazilian “Boa Esporta” football team contracts goalkeeper convicted of murdering his girlfriend and feeding her to his dogs





28 killed, 43 kidnapped in Ethiopia; related to conflict in South Sudan


Somalia: car bomb kills 6





Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat-Fateh-al-Sham claims responsibility for Damascus bombings that killed 74


Mosul update: ISIS continues to fight while Iraqi forces continue to make headway


26 killed in bombing at a wedding north of Baghdad


US Marines and Rangers deployed to assist in siege of Raqqa, Syria


Afghan experts probe hospital shooting in Kabul