This is your weekly news briefing for 23-29 MAR 2017.





INTERACTIVE: Who controls what in Libya


UN Regional Protection Forces to deploy to South Sudan


6 Aid workers killed in South Sudan


New video shows Congolese soldiers shooting civilians


Nigeria: 46 dead in ethnic clashes


New rotavirus vaccine could prevent 600 deaths PER DAY in large Africa trial


Uganda: US Forces to cease hunt for Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army


Kenyan Forces kill 31 Al-Shabaab militants in southern Somalia


Al-Shabaab claims to kill 17 Somalia soldiers


Central African Republic (CAR): 50+ dead in vehicle-based shootings


The Effort to Eradicate polio: Mass polio vaccination campaign





ISIS claims responsibility for Westminster attack


London attack update: 4th victim dies of injuries


FRANCE: Three injured near Lille Metro station


French probe reveals “no history of radicalization” for the Tunisian terror suspect responsible for Antwerp attack


8 parcel bombs found in Greece


Romanian measles outbreak reaches 3800 cases, spreads to Italy


6 Russian soldiers, 6 militants killed in Chechnya





Israel urges citizens to leave Sinai region due to ISIS threats


Israel plans mass evacuation in the event of war





Ten cartels battle for control of Guerrero region