This is your weekly news briefing for 06 – 12 APR 2017.





China’s President Xi urges Trump to pursue peaceful resolutions to N. Korea crisis


US Carrier group continues to steam north despite N. Korean threats of nuclear retaliation


N. Korea’s fizzled nuclear test puzzles analysts


China and S. Korea discuss sanctions against N. Korea


Increased threat of ISIS lone-wolf attacks throughout SE Asia


Thai King signs constitution in major step towards democratic processes


9 dead as militants attack Philippine tourist island





France shuts down another mosque for preaching extremist, violent jihad


Stockholm terrorist was an Uzbek national, sympathetic to ISIS, facing deportation


5th Westminster victim dies





Thousands gather to pay tribute to St. Petersburg victims


8 arrested in terror cell connected to St. Petersburg bombing





Israeli killed in vehicle-ramming attack


Hamas executes 3 Palestinians for cooperating with Israel


US launches dozens of Tomahawk missiles against Assad’s regime in response to horrific gas attack


Heavy fighting in Yemen – 38 dead





Surge in child suicide bombers – Boko Haram


Nigeria thwarts Boko Haram attempt to attack US and UK embassies


Trump to sell military planes to Nigeria to aid in fight against Boko Haram


Boko Haram kills 8, kidnaps women in NE Nigeria


Johannesburg, South Africa: Large protests against President Zuma





First vaccines candidate protects mice completely against Zika virus


Thousands of Venezuelans protest oppressive socialist government


Mexican authorities arrest high-ranking member of Jalisco cartel


Illegal US-Mexico border crossings drop to 17-year low