I apologize for my sporadic posting as of late. I have been dealing with a trifecta of issues.


The first is professional in nature, as I have been training a Probationary Officer, prosecuting several large cases including heroin for resale and a rape, and working numerous side jobs to pay for my wife’s tuition to an RN program. (I am building myself a sugar-mama. It will all be worth it.) However, this has resulted in my working in excess of 70 hours a week, and as much as 80 hours a week, for the past two months.


Secondly, I’ve been handling a complex and disheartening family issue. I have recently been informed by my younger sister about some of the more traumatic incidents that occurred in her childhood, which contributed to her mental health issues. These events are likely connected to my younger brother’s suicide two years ago. Out of respect to my sister, it is not my place to discuss these things here, but suffice it to say that these realities have been preoccupying my mind.


Finally, I have some positive news. Much of the spare time I have had has been spent preparing a novel for print. I am currently sending the novel to the editor and hope to have it published and available for purchase by the winter. As that time draws closer, I’ll give you some more details.


I will continue to post situational updates as often as I can, and address philosophical problems as they arise. Until then, stay frosty, know your exits, and drink water.