Here is your monthly news briefing for May 2018.


Putin inaugurated for 4th term


North Korea Announces plans to dismantle nuclear test sites


Trump pulls back from North Korea summit to insist on NK denuclearization


North Korea and US continue to discuss terms of summit


US employee in China presents with symptoms similar to Cuban sonic attack


May Day Protests


French government foils biological ricin attack


Two police officers and civilian gunned down in Belgium



Basque ETA disbands after 6 decade fight


Kenya issues 60 day ultimatum to deport all illegal immigrants who do not obtain documentation


Nicaraguans protest government


“Allanite” Group targets ICS networks at electric utilities in US/UK


Colleges hit by cyber-attacks 12 times a week


Phising Scam uses AES encryption, attacks Apple IDs


Malware campaign expands to add cryptocurrency mining and iOS phising attacks


US launches criminal probe into Bitcoin price manipulation