Here is your monthly news briefing for September, 2018.


China Party warns of near-term hardships from US-China Trade disputes


US accuses China of LinkedIn spy campaign


Dedicated Denial of Service attacks increase attributed to IoT devices


North and South Korea tentatively draw down DMZ border security


Niger cholera outbreak tops 2000 cases


US urged to suspend military aid to Uganda over human rights abuses


ISIS’ return to Libya affects oil output


Report: Paris knife attack


Greek anarchist group Rouvikonas storms ministry in Athens


Catalan Independence rally garners 1 million attendees, international attention


Netherlands Police foil “major terrorist attack”


Is it Hard to Fly a Drone? No, and it’s Pretty Easy to Kill with One, too


World Leaders back UK allegations against Russia regarding Novichok programme


2 Russians charged with attempted poisoning of ex-spy and daughter in Salisbury, UK


Dutch expel Russian nationals attempting to destroy nerve agent samples from Salisbury assassination attempt