Humans were meant to struggle, both physically and intellectually. While our wealth and prosperity has made it easier for us to engage in philosophy, that ease of living has removed the necessity of physical toughness. Without such hardship, our philosophy is divorced from reality, and is incomplete.

Plato’s The Dialogue of Timaeus deals with the nature of the Universe and culminates in the description of “The Golden Mean,” which is the aesthetically perfect balance of the natural world and the soul of the universe itself. As we have learned from Albert Camus and Sisyphus, the struggle to achieve meaning – meaning that Plato found in the Golden Mean – is in itself purposeful. “Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux.”

Timaeus the Wolf is authored by a creature, brutal by nature but bred into civilization, striving towards the balance of his two natures. The blog contains situational updates on current events, and articles on fitness and strength training, survival, politics, and philosophy.

Timaeus is a veteran of the Global War on Terror, holds a BA in Philosophy, and currently serves as an Investigator in the Special Victims Unit for a large municipality. He loves Jesus, believes in the infallibility of the Scriptures as revealed in the Old and New Testaments, and in most other respects is a pragmatist. He trains in Olympic and power lifting, endurance sports, boxing, jujitsu, and Strongman.