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News Briefing: May 2018

Here is your monthly news briefing for May 2018.   Putin inaugurated for 4th term   North Korea Announces plans to dismantle nuclear test sites   Trump pulls back from North Korea summit to insist on NK denuclearization... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: April 2018

Here is the monthly news briefing for April 2018.   France Rail Strike   Cost of Rail Strike up to $123 million   US slaps additional sanctions on Russian nationals   Russian Legislature proposes ban on US... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: February 2018

This is your monthly news briefing for February 2018.   ISIS continues to threaten Iran from “Tora Bora” borderlands   US sanctions DRC general over protest crackdown   Democratic Republic of Congo: 23 dead in fresh wave of... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: December 2017

Here is your monthly news briefing for December 2017.   Tillerson says US ready to talk to N. Korea; Japan wants pressure   China and South Korea pursue closer ties, but THAAD remains issue   UN Security Council... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: November 2017

This is your news briefing for the month of November, 2017.   Lebanon Crisis: Saudi Arabia say Lebanon declares war   Lebanon’s PM Hariri shelves resignation, easing crisis   North Korea appears to be aggressively building ballistic missile... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 26 OCT – 01 NOV 2017

Here is your weekly news bringing for 26 OCT – 01 NOV 2017.   Violence amid Kenya election rerun   US Army pushing more support for Chad Basin in stability effort   US says Congo must hold elections... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 19-25 OCT 2017

Here is your weekly news briefing for 19-25 OCT 2017.   Kurdish and Iraqi troops clash in Kirkuk over Kurdish independence   Kurds offer suspended independence drive, seek talks with Baghdad   Madagascar plague death toll reaches 124... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 12-18 OCT 2017

Here is your weekly news briefing for 12 – 18 OCT 2017.   Xi Jinping at Communist Party Congress: Time for China to take the centre stage   North Korea warns of imminent nuclear war   Overview of... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 5-11 OCT 2017

Here is your weekly news briefing for 5-11 OCT 2017.   North Korean missile able to reach US mainland after modernization   Analysis: Unknown actor attacking US and Canadian diplomats in Cuba   Syrian violence highest since Aleppo... Continue Reading →

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