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To the Reader

Friends,   I apologize for my sporadic posting as of late. I have been dealing with a trifecta of issues.   The first is professional in nature, as I have been training a Probationary Officer, prosecuting several large cases including... Continue Reading →

The Duality of Being: Addressing the False Dichotomy of the Warrior and the Guardian

Since the Michael Brown shooting in 2014, the role of law enforcement officers in the United States has been examined by a host of sources, most of whom have no experience in law enforcement. One refrain I have heard repeated... Continue Reading →

Prejudice plus Power: Analysis

As America and the Western world struggles with the sordid elements of our heritage, the study of racism (and other “–isms”) has become a staple topic of debate. It is by no means a flyweight issue. Now, there are those... Continue Reading →

The Universal Warrior Attributes

By now, those of you that read my blog have realized that I use philosophy to make sense of my world. It doesn’t mean that I’m right – perhaps it would be more accurate to say that philosophy lets me... Continue Reading →

Reason, Chaos, and Humility

I don’t pretend to understand everything. I try not to speak much on the Affordable Care Act because I don’t fully understand the nuances of the law or of the issues surrounding healthcare in general. I try not to speak... Continue Reading →

Democratic Socialism: Institutionalized Violence

I’m a political moderate. As a direct result of studying Philosophy and working blue collar jobs, I’ve developed the unfortunate capability of recognizing bad arguments while simultaneously avoiding the elitist attitudes to which many of my old college friends have... Continue Reading →

A Word of Comfort and Caution

I haven’t posted in a while, because I don’t feel that I could add anything to the unadulterated stew of rage that is the Internet. Inauguration Day was markedly less violent then I had feared, which was encouraging. There are... Continue Reading →

Moral Warfare

In my previous post I argued that violence holds contextual, or amoral value. At the end of the article, I noted that if this is true, then the godly warrior must be occupied in making himself a moral soldier. By... Continue Reading →

The Amorality of Violence

In my previous post on the ethics of amorality, I argued that the Fall of humanity introduced to us the problem of amorality. I made brief mention of an argument I’ve been considering for some time, which is that violence,... Continue Reading →

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