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News Briefing: March 2018

Here is your monthly news briefing for March 2018.   Turkish women march against inequality   Trump to meet Kim-Jong Un in South Korean peace talks   North Korea pledges to denuclearize   Russian ex-spy targeted in... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: January 2018

Here is your monthly news briefing for January 2018.   North and South Korea have diplomatic talks for the first time in two years   South Korea’s President Moon acknowledges Pres. Trump’s role in bringing North Korea to the... Continue Reading →


Hey y’all. I was recently assigned to my departments Special Victims Unit and we hit the ground running with a high-profile rape case. I’ve been working many hours of overtime and focusing all of my attention on tracking leads and... Continue Reading →


This week I am unable to compile a news brief. In lieu of that, read the news yourself. Regular programming to resume next week, presumably.

Amorality in Politics

Humans like to see their world in black and white. We find it easier to categorize and process the world if we can put things in neat boxes - stealing is bad, family is good, etc. Moral ambiguity makes us... Continue Reading →

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