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News Briefing: 25-31 MAY 2017

Here is your weekly news briefing for 25-31 MAY 2017. Next week there will be no briefing due to prior engagements.   ____ MIDDLE EAST / NORTH AFRICA / AFGHANISTAN   Taliban deny involvement with bomb blast that killed 80... Continue Reading →

News Brief: 17 – 24 MAY 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 17-24 May 2017. ____ EUROPE   Manchester Bombing: Ariana Grande concert bombed, 22 dead and dozens wounded   Macron’s administration: Who’s who   ____ MIDDLE EAST   Iranian Election update: Reformists... Continue Reading →


This week I am unable to compile a news brief. In lieu of that, read the news yourself. Regular programming to resume next week, presumably.

News Brief: 04-10 MAY 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 04 MAY – 10 MAY 2017.   ____ EAST ASIA / PACIFIC   North Korea detains US citizen amid tensions   North Korea accuses CIA of assassination attempt on Kim Jung Un... Continue Reading →

The Duality of Being: Addressing the False Dichotomy of the Warrior and the Guardian

Since the Michael Brown shooting in 2014, the role of law enforcement officers in the United States has been examined by a host of sources, most of whom have no experience in law enforcement. One refrain I have heard repeated... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 27 APRIL – 03 MAY 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 27 April – 03 May 2017.   ____ MIDDLE EAST   US servicemember killed near Mosul   100 + Iraqis kidnapped by unknown militias as they flee Mosul fighting   Analysis:... Continue Reading →

News Briefing: 20-26 APRIL 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 20-26 APRIL 2017.   ____ MIDDLE EAST / AFGHANISTAN   140 killed in Taliban attack on ANA compound   War of words escalates between Iran and Jordan   Al-Qaeda urges members... Continue Reading →

News Brief: 12-19 APR 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 12-19 APR 2017. ____ EUROPE   French police recover 3 kilograms of bomb making materials in election plot   Update: French Presidential race   Man who trained St. Petersburg bomber arrested... Continue Reading →

News Brief: 06 – 12 APR 2017

This is your weekly news briefing for 06 – 12 APR 2017.   ____ NORTH KOREA AND PACIFIC   China’s President Xi urges Trump to pursue peaceful resolutions to N. Korea crisis   US Carrier group continues to steam... Continue Reading →

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